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New Fundraising Models 
9 proposals to increase our funds development reach in real-time.  

These new models below are intended to augment the current year's giving budgets by going to the community, local businesses, and Rotarians for additional funding.  Money raised for specific projects will typically be spent in the same year they are collected and go directly to the projects for which the funds were raised. 


Please note at this time these example projects are hypothetical and for demonstration only. 


  • Greater philanthropic reach than we started the year with.

  • New members attracted thru our social media.

  • Greater engagement of current members thru small bite-sized tasks on the Funds Development and Public Image committees.

  • Greater visibility of our projects to both our membership and the community.

  • Augmented giving increases the donation impact of member dollars and in doing so encourages more donations.

  • The challenge is that since we don’t spend money raised in one year until the next year as the next year’s board decides, it can be a problem engaging people immediately.  We need a way to engage people “now” rather than “later.

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