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Fun with Scholarships

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Every year our scholarship programs gives deserving seniors a $1000 towards their college education. As we all know, 1k does not go very far towards a state or private university education.

So let's do what the kids do and vote on it - think American Idol. The top two candidates are put into a competition for Rotary Scholarship winner of the year. It cost's $1 to vote for a candidate, vote as often as you wish. Each contestant gets to keep their vote money but only one candidate wins the honor of Rotary Student of the Year.

Interact helps us promote the contest. Two lucky students end up with more than expected.

PR moment - The scholarship winners are asked to share their awards on social media, we share the winners on our webpages, story is picked up in school newsletters.


Question - How do we decide on the top two candidates?

Answer - For this to work academic achievement, and financial needs should be assessed, including financial aid and other scholarship awards each student is receiving.

Question - Who will manage the campaign?

Answer - The Scholarship Committee with help from Funds Development and Public Image

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