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Community Giving

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Once a committee service project, grant or scholarship has been approved, the funds development can approach the community via a Go Fund Me campaign for additional funding.

Let's take the example of a Youth Service project to rebuild the basketball court at Central Highschool. The Youth Service Committee has allocated $3000 to put up new nets, paint new lines and purchase 10 basketballs. Rotarians will volunteer to do the actual work.

We go to the community and ask them to match our funding thru a Go Fund Me campaign. For the campaign we create a compelling narrative (story) about how the new court will enable the students of Central High to compete in league tournaments and that participating in team sports increases graduation rates by 90% in team sports participants.

Along with the narrative we state that the funds we hope to raise will resurface the court, add bleacher seating and lights for at home games.

We raise an additional $3000 and we are able to do more than our original budget permitted.

PR moment - We stencil the Rotary logo mid court. The Story is picked up by the Morgan Hill Times.


Question - How many Go Fund Me Campaigns can we run a year.

Answer - I think we might top out at 6. There is a possibility to find another like platform and we could run more.

Question - With Only 6 Go Fund Me campaigns available how do we choose?

Answer - The Annual Giving committee supplies the Funds Development committee with their award winners. The most compelling stories are chosen.

Question - Who will manage these campaigns?

Answer - Running one Go Fund Me campaign is the perfect job for a new member, a member comfortable with online exchanges or as an entry level fund raising task.

Question - How much does GFM take?

Answer - around 3%

Question - Will the Endowment fund receive any of this money?

Yes! We will decide as a board on the amount but about 10 -20% sounds right

Question - How will we pick which projects get a GFM campaign?

Answer - The projects with the most compelling story will be featured

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