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Wish Lists

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Wish lists are established so that Rotarians, the community, or sponsors can purchase items necessary to complete and established project.

An example might be the Community Service Projects committee is approached by the city in January to create a community garden on a vacant piece of land. They will manage it if we can build it. We have no budget for this item so our budget is $0

A wish list of items needed to make the community garden a reality - shovels, gloves, fertilizer, seeds etc. is created. We set up a large display for the project at Johnson Garden center explaining the cause and note that the items are available for purchase at check out.

PR Moment - Our club gets PR from the display at Johnson Garden, social media and the sign we place at the entrance to the community garden. The community gets a new garden and Johnson Lumber ( one of our biggest donors) makes extra sales.


Who will oversee this project?

The city has promised to supply the land, insurance and gardeners. Our members are welcome to volunteer.

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