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Sponsored Giving

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Once a committee service project, grant or scholarship has be approved, funds development can approach local companies to donate supplies or money to that project to be used when the donation is made.

Let's take again the example of a Community Service project to rebuild the basketball court at Central Highschool. The Community Service Committee has allocated $3000 to put up new nets, paint new lines and purchase and prune the overgrowth courtside. Rotarians will volunteer to do the actual work.

To augment our work we ask local companies to donate an additional two nets, bleachers, nighttime lighting, shoes of all sizes, and uniforms.

Sponsor banners are hung around the court.


Who overseas the contacting of local businesses?

Answer: The Director of Funds development creates the roster list of local companies and contacts to call. Members on the committee are given an elevator speech and two companies a piece to call on.

This is an excellent opportunity to involve new members to the club and new members to the Funds Development committee.

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