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$5 Fridays

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

What could be easier than giving $5 a week? - That's the cost of one latte!

In this scenario, the Community Service committee has designated $3000 to the senior lunch program. We take it one step further with $5 Fridays - on our website and thru social media we ask individuals to donate $5 a week via paypal for the Rotary Senior Lunch Program.

Over time (it doesn't happen all at once) $5 Fridays could be well funded year over year.

PR Moment - Bags and cups are Rotary branded.


How much effort does a campaign like this take?

After the Service Committee has identified the need and created the relationship with the senior center only an online component needs to be created.

Who will run this program?

This is a perfect task for new members, members comfortable with social media and members new to the Funds Development committee.

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