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Partnering with Sponsors | Scenario two

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Rotary is asked to buy musical instruments for a grass roots after school music program thru our grants program. The total monies needed total over 6ok. Our budget is only $2000.

Rotarians reach out to local corporations to sponsor one or two instruments a piece. Because we are a trusted community partner and we have a product link on hand to purchase the instruments, we collect over 30 new musical instruments, and a few used ones too.

PR Moment - Sponsors are thanked on our websites, the students play at a meeting and the story is picked up by GMH. Each instrument bears the Rotary logo and the sponsor logo.


Who overseas the contacting of local businesses?

Answer: The Director of Funds development creates the roster list of local companies and contacts to call. Members on the committee are given an elevator speech and two companies a piece to call on.

This is an excellent opportunity to involve new members to the club and new members to the Funds Development committee.

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