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Logo Presentation / Round 2

The Project: Create a logo for the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce.

The Criteria: This logo denotes a change in the chamber, that reflects changes in the membership and Morgan Hill. 

The logo should appeal to both genders equally and a wide range of age groups. It should be contemporary, colorful, and eye-catching. 


This logo tics all the boxes. It's modern, fits in the current logo environment, depicts Morgan Hill's most visible landmark - El Toro and gives a nod to the function of the Chamber by being wrapped in a chatbox. 


This is a round logo with a sophisticated type treatment. The circle offers a lot of potential versatility without losing its identity - It can change colors, and elements to promote events and initiatives. 


This logo combines the past and the future of Morgan Hill. It can be seen as both a hyper-modern app icon and an old-fashioned cattle brand. In this way, it symbolizes life in Morgan Hill. 

This logo fits stylistically into the City's Logo environment. 

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